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Your total comfort hunting blind.

Deer normally either see, smell, or hear you well before they are in shooting range. The Shadow Hunter hunting blind eliminates that problem by hiding you, concealing your movements, containing odors and muffling sounds.

Shadow Hunter deer blinds are endorsed by many famous hunters like Ted Nugent and Jim "Ol' Grizz" Robinson. Use their proven advantage by concealing yourself in a hunting blind from Shadow Hunter!

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5X5 bow gun deer blind
5X5 Bow & Gun Hunting Blind

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Elevated Deer Blinds

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Gun Hunting Blinds


Your easy way up.

It's easy to build a simple platform, but to elevate it with stability and strength usually requires complicated joints. Elevators make it easy, quick and strong. Elavators are adaptable to make kids' play houses, boat docks, etc. Virtually any elevated platform can be made strong and long lasting, even with exposure to changing weather.

Elevators brackets are perfect companions for our Shadow Hunter blinds or any other deer hunting blind.

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Trader Grizz This is the web site for Adventures with Ol' Grizz. Grizz Robinson uses elevators to build his hunting platforms and thinks they're great! Check out Grizz' website for info about his tv show, or to purchase hunting, fishing and other outdoor video tapes and DVD's.
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